IKEA Store – Coventry

IKEA Store – Coventry

Location: Coventry, West Midlands.
Sector: Retail
Collection: Tarkett Vinyl Safety Flooring

We were contacted by Ikea to install Tarkett vinyl safety flooring in the Cookshop section of the Coventry store.

Time constraints due to work having to be carried out during closing hours between 20:00pm and 04:00am made things difficult because goods and shelving had to be removed each night for us to install the vinyl. This then had to be put back in place afterwards ready for the shop to open again each morning.

This process would take 3-4 hours each night leaving us only 4 hours to work. Using a levelling compound to smooth the floor as we would normally do was not an option and bonding the vinyl straight to the power float finish concrete would not work either.

After carrying out a test sample area we decided to remove the shiny surface from the power floated concrete by method of diamond grinding and bond the vinyl directly to the concrete. This method enabled us to install up to 250m2 each night which would be impossible if we had to wait for smoothing compounds to dry.